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Network Center of Zhengzhou University

About Network Center 

Network Center of Zhengzhou University is the Henan Provincial key node of China Education and Research Network (CERNET), which is in charge of the running of Henan Provincial Education and Research Network (HERNET) and campus network of Zhengzhou University. According to the direction of “Network goes first before the amalgamation of three universities”, the network center of Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou University of Technology and Henan Medical University are amalgamated in November 2000. This amalgamation passed the checking and accepting of public service system building of “211 Project”. 

At present, our network center is in charge of the running of HERNET with 600,000 high bandwidth network users, the running of the network in the four campuses of Zhengzhou University with more than one hundred buildings, providing persistent network services in to all users in Zhengzhou University and Henan Province. In Henan Province, our network center is the first organization that obtained the address of IPv6 and accessed to Internet 2. 

On the one hand, our network center educates the postgraduate students in subject of network. On the other hand, it educates lots of network specialist for Henan Province as the unique CCNA traning center in Henan Province. Concurrently, our center provides technique supports to Distance Learning School of Zhengzhou University. The Henan Provincial Key Lab on Information Network is located in our network center. Our Network center is being developed to a Henan Provincial base of research, education, producing, training and service in the network field.

Sections of Network Center


In charge of the construction and maintanace of the campus network

In charge of the website design and maintanace of the campus network

3.Administrative office
In charge of the user service and routine work of the campus network

Research field
1.LAN/WAN Design
2.Network protocols
3.Web-based applications development

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