Professor Nicholas Lemoine Pays Visits to Several of the Affiliated Hospitals

On 3rd April, Professor Nicholas Lemoine was appointed as Dean of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Zhengzhou University. From 4th to 7th April,     Professor Nicholas Lemoine led the management team and visited the 1st Affiliated Hospital, the 3rd Affiliated Hospital, Affiliated Zhengzhou Central Hospital and Affiliated Cancer Hospital in order to reinforce the link between basic medical research and clinical research and promote the development of translational medicine research.
     Professor Lemoine heard all the reports made by the senior leaders of the hospitals with great interest. He carried out on-site visits to clinical laboratories as well as experimental centers and learnt about the current situation advantages, characteristics and clinical scientific research of all hospitals. He also had an in-depth discussion with leaders and the teams of scientists. Through the visits, AMS established mutual understanding and initial agreement with hospitals in future cooperation in medical research. Afterward, Professor Nicholas Lemoine chaired the first AMS meeting and discussed the five-year development plan as well as work objectives in the near future. He made relevant arrangements for different tasks together with a clear and achievable timeline for progress.
     Later, Professor Nicholas Lemoine gave a detailed report to President Liu Jiongtian on progress so far. President Liu Jiongtian expressed appreciation of Professor Nicholas Lemoine’s attitude and devotion to work and praised the efficiency and productiveness of the AMS team. He said that the university will cooperate and give firm support in policy and resource allocation in accordance with the timeline of progress made by Professor Nicholas Lemoine.
     It was learned that the key tasks for AMS in the near future are as follows, the recruitment of five renowned experts nationally or internationally as members of the Scientific Advisory Board which is responsible for academic guidance, personnel assessment and appraisal of Principal Investigators; advertising globally to recruit Principal Investigators and selecting young scientists with great potential from the university to set up a new research team; integrating all resources to construct three platforms step by step which are a Basic Medicine Research platform, Translational Medicine Research platform and Animal Center; developing a research training plan for undergraduate students to reinforce their consciousness and capability in scientific research; holding monthly seminars and summer courses for postgraduate students by renowned experts and promoting student exchange programs; setting up innovative research funding and strengthening the collaboration between basic medicine and clinical medicine. Overall, AMS will carry out all works in accordance with the development plan to build a high-level and internationalized medical research institute of great influence nationally.

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