The Administration Council Meeting of AMS is held at Zhengzhou University


On5th June, the Administration Council Meeting of AMS was held in No.5Meeting Room on the new campus of Zhengzhou University. President LiuJiongtian, Chair of the Administration Council presided over themeeting. Mr. Xing Ying, Vice Chairman of the University AffairsCommittee and Vice Chair of the Administration Council, Mr. YangShengli, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and all 25other members of the Administration Council participated the meeting.

ProfessorNicholas Robert Lemoine, dean of the AMS delivered a speech. Heshared the vision and concept of the development of AMS, the progressthat has been made and plans for future construction and development.

ProfessorNicholas Lemoine pointed out that AMS is a newly establishedscientific research institute integrating development of newscientific disciplines, cutting-edge scientific research and therecruitment of high-level talent from across the world. It mainlyfocuses on translation from basic medical science to clinicalapplication to treat and prevent disease and aims to compete with thetop-flight medical institutions across the world. The dean is theexecutive leader of AMS under the governance of the AdministrationCouncil. The Administration Council is the highest decision-makingbody of AMS consisting of renowned professors, leaders of concernedmanagement departments, leaders of Zhengzhou University, heads ofmedical schools and departments.

Theconcept of the new Academy and its key initiatives are breaking theboundaries of traditional disciplines, standing out with innovationand interdisciplinarity, and aiming at cutting-edge science andresearch. It should focus on reform in structure and systems andbreak through with innovation and integrating resources andadvantages. It should establish collaboration with top researchinstitutions to solve the problems facing tumor prevention in orderto meet the urgent need of the country in the field of medicalhealth. It needs to carry out original, prospective and translationalresearch and bring together leading talents and innovative researchteams so that great achievements of independent intellectual propertyrights can be made, and train top innovative talents and producetangible economic and social benefits. AMS plans to focus initiallyon tumor prevention and treatment and to construct a Basic MedicalResearch Platform, a Translational Medical Research Platform and anAnimal Center equipped with advanced in vivo imaging and transgenicconstruction capabilities. AMS will establish seven new researchcenters with focus on the following directions: Molecular Pathology;Infection, Inflammation and Immunology; Cell Signalling andProteomics; Cell and Gene Therapy; Stem Cells and Aging; ExperimentalMedicine; and Preventive Medicine.

Foreach center, AMS will appoint one centre lead (chief scientist), twoprincipal investigators, two associate investigators and a cadre ofearly career researchers as well as research assistants and graduatestudents. The AMS will adopt international standards in medicalethics, quality assurance and a new performance management system tobring out the full potential of every member of academic, technicaland administrative staff. AMS is recruiting talent in a wide varietyof biomedical sciences worldwide.

AfterProfessor Nicholas Lemoine’s report, all members of theAdministration Council unanimously voted to pass the work plan of AMSafter seriousdiscussion.

PresidentLiu Jiongtian gave an important speech and raised his hope andrequirements for AMS. He appraised Professor Nicholas Lemoine’sfruitful and effective work so far and expressed his admiration forProfessor Nicholas Lemoine’s devotion to AMS. President LiuJiongtian pointed out that Professor Nicholas Lemoine’sappointment as dean of AMS is a concrete example of ZhengzhouUniversity’s internationalization in school-running. He hopesthat AMS can establish internationalized platforms, professionalresearch teams as well as new structures and systems in scientificresearch with the joint effort of Professor Nicholas Lemoine and hissenior team. Zhengzhou University has great expectation of theconstruction and development of AMS and its endeavor to build it intoa ‘special area of discipline’ of international standard.He hopes that AMS can preserve in the concept of internationalizedschool-running, focus on tumor prevention and treatment and try tomake it top discipline of provincial or even national level, makingall effort to be recognized as a national key laboratory and applyingfor national key scientific research projects. He emphasized that allrelevant schools or departments should give their full support to theconstruction and development AMS to ensure that internationalizedschool-running, standard of scientific research can be combined withthe condition of the country and university as well as the currentsystem. Key support should be given in investment, construction ofscientific research platforms, bringing in talents, postgraduateadmission and education. All medical schools and affiliated hospitalsshould engage proactively and blend into the development layout ofthe AMS so that the overall development of medical education ofZhengzhou University can be promoted. Lastly, President LiuJiongtian commented that the approval of the work plan of AMS is thenew starting point of AMS. He hopes that, under the leadership ofProfessor Nicholas Lemoine together with the guidance of theAdministration Council, AMS can make greater progress andachievements in the future.




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