President Liu Jiongtian preside over AMS Meeting

In the afternoon of 15thAugust, 2015, the meeting on the progress of Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) is held in the 6thmeeting room of the new campus. President Liu Jiongytian, chair ofthe Excutive Council of AMS, presides over the meeting. ProfessorNicholas Robert Lemoine, dean of AMs and all staff of AMS attend themeeting.

In the meeting, Professor NicholasRobert Lemoine, dean of AMS, gives a report on the progress made sofar. He said, we preserved in the concept of internationalizedschool-running and management aiming to establish internationalstandard platform for discipline construction and scientificresearch. We have carried out various exploration and practice inscientific research, teaching, management, talent introduction andtraining. We have pushed forward all work in order and achievedgreatly in the first phase. Professor Nicholas Robert Lemoin alsooutlined the key issues which should be dealt with great emphasis inthe future.

President Liu Jiong tian appraises what have been achieved by AMS and ProfessorNicholas Robert Lemoine’s fruitful and effective work. Hepoints that AMS should aim to make itself atop-flight internationalcollege, try to establish a sound management system as soon aspossible, optimize management structure and team member in order tobuild a solid foundation and support for the future development. Heemphasizes that all relevant schools or departments should workco-operatively and supportively in the construction of translationalMedicine platform and Animal Center. AMS should put the two platformsin the proper perspective,implementinnovative reform on existing structure and system, speed up theconstruction of the two platform so that they can be put into use inthe first half year of 2016.

President Liu Jiongtian raises the following five issues required extra effortby AMS. First, the bringing in top scientists clinician scientistsshould the first priority which is a symbolic step in the developmentof AMS. AMS should aim to recruit talents who can work full time withrelatively a small number working part-time. The recruitment shouldbe carried out while the two platforms are under construction and theuniversity can provide benefit package to support talents meeting therequirements. Second, AMS should be prepared in all ways to build itup to be anadvantage in tumor prevention and treatment and national topdiscipline. Third, AMS should plan in advance to apply for nationalkey scientific research projects. Four, by integrating resources ofaffiliated hospitals, focusing on tumor prevention and treatment, AMSshould endeavor to be recognized to be national key laboratory. Five,the leading team of AMS must work together with confidence and agreat sense of responsibility and mission for greater improvement sothat it can be included in the ‘the plan for promoting theconstruction of International Demonstration Institute’ byNational Expert Bureau and Ministry of Education and make it anInternational Demonstration Institute of national level.


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