Australian Deakin University Dean Jon Watson visited Zhengzhou University


On 28, October, Dean Jon Watson and other 4 relevant members of Australian Deakins University visited Zhengzhou University. Zhengzhou University vice president Zhenqing Gu had a meeting with Australian guests. Leaders from East campus administration centre, academy of medical sciences (AMS), basic medical school, and clinic medical department, attended the meeting.

In the meeting, vice president Zhenqing Gu welcomed the visit of Dean Jon Watson, and briefly introduced the Zhengzhou University. Gu expressed his wish that both sides might strengthen communication and cooperation in various aspects such as medical education, medical scientific researches, academic and teaching talents training, etc, in order to make much progress for both sides.
    After the meeting, Dean Jon Watson and AMS executive board leaders had wide communication. The Australian guests introduced the Deakin University on history, scientific development, international programs and Australian clinical doctoral training system. Then the corresponding information of AMS, basic medical school, affiliated hospitals, and relevant medical education and scientific researches programs were presented by AMS. After the negotiation, both sides reached a consensus on medical education, medical scientific researches and young teachers communication and training, and came to primary agreement on the co-operational project of medical doctoral education. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed thereafter.

During the visit, Dean Jon Watson and others were shown the sand-tray model and real campus scenery of Zhengzhou University, and also invited to visit the 1st affiliated hospital.

Established in 1974, Deakin University is an Australian public university in the state of Victoria, providing high-quality higher education for more than 70,000 students in Australia and abroad. The University is located in Melbourne and has also other campuses in Geelong, Warrnambool, etc. Deakin University School of Medicine was opened in 2008, which has demonstrated abstracting features in medical education and medical scientific researches.


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