Dean of AMS (ZZU) Paid a Visit to State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs

On 11th January, Professor Nicholas Lemoine, Dean of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Zhengzhou University (AMS(ZZU)) paid a visit to the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs( SAFEA)  as a member of the delegation from Zhengzhou University (ZZU). Professor Niu Shucheng, Party Secretary of CCP Committee of ZZU, led the delegation consisting of Vice President Zhang Qianhong and senior staff of the Party Secretary’s Office, Office of International Exchange and Cooperation and AMS (ZZU) to give a report on the preparation and establishment of an International Demonstration Institute at ZZU. Mr. Zhang Jianguo, Administrator of SAFEA and Deputy Administrator Xia Mingjiu received the delegation and held a meeting with the presence of Mr. Nie Bia, Director of SAFEA’s Cultural and Educational Experts Department,Inspector Liu Maozhou, Mr. Xu Zongqin, Administrator of Henan Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs, etc.
        SAFEA Administrator Zhang Jianguo warmly welcomed the delegation from ZZU and gave a brief introduction of SAFEA and its policies and initiatives in talent and intelligence introduction. He said that the project of ‘International Demonstration Institute’ that started from 2014 aims to encourage foreign experts in research and administration such as Professor Nicholas Lemoine to work in higher educational institutes to bring in advanced experience in school running and administration so that the internationalization of school running and administration can be achieved. He appraised what ZZU has already achieved in internationalization, which is leading among all local universities nationwide. ZZU has started to apply to be included in the project of ‘International Demonstration Institute’ as the third batch while all the universities included in the first two batches are universities operated directly under the Central Government. He expects that Professor Lemoine could make the most of his experience in administration and research to build AMS (ZZU) into a demonstration institute in internationalization.
       Professor Niu Shucheng, Party Secretary of CCP Committee of ZZU, appreciated the support that the Administrator gave to the development of ZZU, especially the advice from the Deputy Administrator during his onsite inspection of the establishment of ‘International Demonstration Institution’ to ZZU earlier. He expressed the view that ZZU attaches great importance to its internationalization and the university will give full support to the development of AMS (ZZU) which is considered to be a positive exploration in promoting administration and research internationalization of ZZU. He sincerely hopes SAFEA could support the establishment of ‘International Demonstration Institute’ of ZZU, especially in high-level talent introduction and training abroad, so that the internationalization of ZZU can be speeded up.
       Professor Nicholas Lemoine, Dean of AMS (ZZU) gave a presentation on the goal of AMS (ZZU) and his innovation and reform in internal structure, discipline construction, research and talent training. He highlighted that the establishment of an ‘International Demonstration Institute’ shows the determination and confidence of ZZU in promoting its internalization and he will strive to build AMS (ZZU) into a internationally top-flight institute.
         ‘The Plan for Promoting International Demonstration Institute’ was launched jointly by SAFEA and the Ministry of Education in 2014. It aims to undertake a comprehensive reform by talent introduction in higher education in China. Through introducing a comprehensive recruitment program of high-level talents from abroad it will establish a series of ‘International Demonstration Institutes’ in order to explore innovation in teaching, research and administration systems and promote the construction of a modernized system for higher education. It is reported that 13 universities operated directly under the Central Government are included in two batches. SAFEA plans to include 10 to 20 universities during the ‘13th Five-Year Plan’. ZZU applied to be included as an International Demonstration Institute as the first batch of local universities in the second half of 2015. In November 2015, Mr. Xia Mingjiu, Deputy Administrator of SAFEA, and Mr. Nie Bia, Director of SAFEA’s Cultural and Educational Experts Department visited ZZU for an onsite inspection and a survey of talent introduction at ZZU. In December 2015, President Liu Jiongtian gave a presentation in the interview held for application for ‘International Demonstration Institute’ in Nanjing.


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