The Study Center of Citizenship Education of Zhengzhou University was set up in 2001 with the permission of Zhengzhou University. It is the only key research base of humanities and social sciences in the field of national citizenship education,which is co-constructed by Ministry of Education and Henan Provincial Government.

After experts argumentation organized by the Henan Provincial Department of Education, the study center was approved as the key research base of humanities and social sciences in Henan General Universities and Colleges in November, 2003.

In September, 2004, approved by The Ministry of Education evaluating, the Study center became the key research base of humanities and social sciences, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Education;

On May 21st, 2005, the vice minister of The Ministry of Education, Yuan Guiren, launched this study center and delivered an important speech.


1. The orientation of the study center

Communicate the knowledge of citizenship

Educate the awareness of citizenship

Improve the quality of the citizens

Serving harmonious society


2. Construction goals

Aiming at studying the civic education theory with Chinese characteristics and promoting the development of citizenship education, we strive to construct the center into a civic educational research base in nationwide leading position with international influence, which will become a think tank for national citizenship education. The specific goals as follows,

(1)To establish a first-class information center for citizenship education data;

(2)To establish a study center gathering nationwide citizenship education experts;

(3)To establish a training center to train qualified people for citizenship education;

(4)To establish a consulting center which can provide services with citizenship education for our country.


3. Research findings of the study center

The Study Center of Citizenship Education of Zhengzhou University pays more attention to strengthening discipline construction for citizenship education from its inception.So far, we have published more than 20 books such as Introduction of Civics, Foreign Civics, Civics, Western Civics, The Research of Citizens Awareness of Right, Civic Education Theory and Practice, The Opportunities and Challenges of Chinese Citizenship Education in the 21st Century, The Primers of The Consciousness of The Citizenship, The Research of the citizens awareness etc. These achievements have built up the foundation for the discipline of citizenship education.

As for the scientific research, 7 programs with National Social Sciences Foundation and 8 province-level programs have been completed since it was founded. Among those programs, Research on Educational System of Adolescents Ethics, Mentality and Psychology was enrolled in significant social sciences project of Henan Province, and the research reports were adopted by the Commission of Civilization and Education Department of Henan province. Peoples Daily and Guangming Daily respectively covered this study on July 6th, 2017.