Brief Introduction to the School of Law of Zhengzhou University
Originally the Law Department of Zhengzhou University founded in the year 1980, Zhengzhou University Law School is one of the first institutions of higher learning in China. ZZU Law School gave the major of economic law in 1985 and then the department of economic law was established in 1988. In the year 1994, the law department and the economic law department merged into ZZU Law School. Great achievements have been accomplished in discipline building, scientific research, talent cultivation, social service and so forth in the past 30-plus years.
The school has a faculty of 75 full-time teachers, of whom 20 are professors, and 33 are associate professors. One teacher enjoys a State Council Allowance and 2 are national outstanding teachers. Among them, 3 people served successively as members of the Guiding Committee of Legal Education under the Ministry of Education, 2 as vice-presidents of National Legal Research Society, over ten as executive council members of National Law Society and 3 as vice-presidents of Law Society of Henan Province.
ZZU Law School has made an abundance of achievements in scientific research in the recent 5 years. It has assumed 19 National Social Science Fund Projects as well as nearly 20 provincial level projects. And over 100 monographs and 650-odd papers have been published. ZZU Law School boasts the Center for Studies of Constitutional and Administrative Law, Private Law Research Center (Both of them are Henan Province Key Humanities and Social Science Research Bases), Chinese Judicial Case Research Center, State-owned Company in Henan Province Governance Research Center, Russian Law Research Center, Bentham Research Center, Research Center for Chinese Law and many other university level research institutions.
ZZU Law School has a complete discipline of all necessary categories and levels, as well as an integrated talent cultivation system. The Discipline of Law is a “211 Project” key construction discipline and a first-degree discipline of Henan Province. It is entitled to confer ph.D. Degrees and master degrees, with a Law Postdoctoral mobile research station attached to it. what’s more, the school is a professional and comprehensive reform pilot construction institution of provincial and national levels, the fostering institution for National Excellence Legal Talent, and the training base for State Intellectual Property.
ZZU Law School, with a lively academic atmosphere and a wide range of foreign exchanges, has established close academic relationships with more than ten Law Schools in Russia, Germany, Australia, France, Britain, Holland etc. ZZC Law School has held numerous significant academic conferences at home and abroad. There are a large number of eminent scholars who have come here for academic communication or have been appointed adjunct professors. In the meantime, some students have been sent abroad for further study and teachers can go abroad as visiting scholars.

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