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The Management Structure of AMS

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There are four offices under the leadership of the Dean of AMS

1)    Dean’s Office and Logistics

The Dean’s Office is responsible for the overarching strategy and the development of the requisite operational plans, coordinating all resources and requirements; working as the operating center of AMS to ensure an open communication channel, international exchange and cooperation, coordinating the key strands of work within AMS as well as with the university and appointment of introduced talents.

2)    Research and Development Office

The R & D Office is responsible for the construction of the research disciplines prioritized for the AMS and scientific research management with the support of the Science and Research Institute and Discipline Construction Department. The Director and his team are in charge of the day to day management of the Research Centres and the cross-cutting Technology Platforms, and the formulation of the plans for accreditation of Key Laboratories within the AMS framework.

3)    Postgraduate Teaching Administration Office

The management of postgraduate teaching and training of AMS students is conducted under the guidance of the Graduate School of ZZU. The Office is responsible for admission, enrolment and distribution of students studying for doctor’s degree, master’s degree and professional degree. This includes overall planning and administration of the new competition for student awards (in 2016 there will be a total of 56 PhD studentships available for competition), construction and management of all resources for postgraduate support as well their training, mentoring and degree awards.  

4)    Hospital Administration & Liaison Office

The Office will coordinate hospital-related affairs for AMS initiatives under the guidance of the Hospital Management Office of ZZU. A key role will be fostering the nine Affiliated Hospitals’ active participation and cooperation in new scientific research initiatives undertaken by AMS to promote the translation of basic medical research into impact in areas of unmet medical need, and the reciprocal study of human diseases (particularly, but not exclusively cancer) using the most advanced genomic, molecular and imaging technologies. The Office will provide coordination and support services to the Affiliated Hospitals in outreach to patients and the wider population in education about research in the AMS and its importance to the health and wealth of the people of Henan Province.

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