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The Handing-over of Henan Experimental Animal Center to AMS

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On 19th September, 2019, led by Mr. Hongjian Zhang, Party Secretary of CPC AMS, the senior team of AMS visited Henan Experimental Animal Center and held a meeting on the hand-over to AMS.

The Henan Experimental Animal Center was established in May 1990. In Henan Province, it has been the only SPF animal breeding and supply center, the only base for production and supply of standardized experimental animal feed, the only center for experimental animal quality supervision and testing, and the only staff training center for experimental animal facilities. As the largest experimental animal center in Henan Province, it is also the experimental center for undergraduate and postgraduate research at ZZU.

 According to the plan by the university, AMS will integrate the resources at Henan Experimental Animal Center and the Experimental Animal Center at AMS. The hand-over procedure will be carried out step by step accordingly.


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