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International Symposium on Precision Medicine & Tumor Prevention

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Precision medicine is one of the hottest research topics drawing much attention all over the world. It refers to the prevention and treatment strategies that take individual variability into account. Precision medicine gives us a better chance to cure diseases like cancer by making best use of our personalised information. A major component of precision medicine is to prevent tumor formation in order to reduce cancer risk, which is within our reach due to advances in basic research related to oncology. Understanding the genetic and molecular mechanisms involved in the initiation and progression of cancer can influence risk assessment, diagnostic pathways, and therapeutic strategies. The overall goal of precision medicine is to improve human health by reducing disease risks and treating disease more efficiently.


The Academy of Medical Sciences of Zhengzhou University is organising this International Symposium on Precision Medicine & Tumor Prevention to provide a scientifically driven platform involving sessions led by top international experts and facilitating discussions for researchers in the field. Attendees from the fields of basic medical science and clinical medicine will share their findings to make the conference more productive. The conference will be held on 29th and 30th August in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China. Researchers and related professionals who wont want to miss this opportunity to discuss key issues relating to precision medicine – register now to book your place.  


Professor Nick Lemoine MD PhD FMedSci

Dean, Academy of Medical Sciences,

Zhengzhou University, People’s Republic of China

Symposium Theme: Precision Medicine & Tumor Prevention

Date: 29th and 30th August; Registration on 28th, August

Venue: Zhengzhou University, No.100 Kexue Avenue, Zhengzhou, Henan

Confirmed Invited Speaker

1.Professor Cao Xuetao, Expert in ImmunologyAcademician of CAEPresident of Chinese Academy of Medical Science

2. Professor Claude Chelala, Expert in Bioinformatics, Bioinformatics Lead of Barts Cancer Institute, UK

3. Professor Farzin Farzaneh, Expert in Molecular Medicine, King’s College London, UK

4. Professor Christopher Heeschen, Expert in Stem Cell and Aging, Centre Lead of Centre for Stem Cells in Cancer & Aging, Barts Cancer Institute, UK

5. Professor Thomas T MacDonald, Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences (UK), Expert in Immunology, Blizard Institute, Queen Mary University of London, UK

6. Professor Aldo Scarpa, Italian, Expert in Molecular Pathology, University of Verona, Director of the Applied Research on Cancer – Network, Director of the Unit of Molecular Diagnostics of Cancer University Hospital of Verona

7. Professor Yang Shengli, Expert in Biotechnology, Academician of CAE

8. Professor Yang Yiping, Expert in Immunology, Duke University Medical Centre, USA


9. Professor Yu Jinming, Expert in Radiation OncologyAcademician of CAEDirector of Tumor Hospital of Shandong Province


Please call us or email to register. Free registration, accommodation should be paid by the participants themselves;

Contact Person: Xuelian Sun, Changcheng Sun

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