Brief Introduction  
Based on the Department of Basic Courses at Zhengzhou Institute of Technology in 1963, Department of Engineering Mechanics of Zhengzhou University was founded in April 2001, which was officially renamed the School of Mechanics and Engineering Science of Zhengzhou University in November 2011.  
Currently, the school has a faculty of 73 members including 11 full professors and 21 associate professors, among whom 25 are master's/doctoral supervisors and 47 teachers have doctoral degree. In the school, one staff member is awarded the title of National Middle-aged and Young Experts with Remarkable Contributions, two enjoy the Special Allowance of the State Council, one is elected to the State Class Persons of National Talents Engineering, two are supported by the New Century Talent Supporting Project from the Education Ministry, four are National Model Teachers, nine have won the Baogang Excellent Teachers prize, four are Science and Technology Leaders of Henan province, two have received the Distinguished Youth Science Fund of Henan province, three are Outstanding Science and Technology Experts of Henan province, and nine are Excellent Young and Middle-aged Key Teachers in Higher Education Institutions of Henan province. Moreover,the school has the Distinguished Professor post of Henan province in the Engineering Mechanics discipline.  
There are two undergraduate majors in the school: Engineering Mechanics (state-level characteristic discipline) and Safety Engineering (provincial characteristic discipline). The school has the right to confer the first-level master's/doctoral degrees in mechanics and the first-level master's degree in safety science, and it also has a post-doctoral research center in mechanics. Meanwhile, the school is the attached institution of the Mechanics Society in Henan province, both of the two disciplines (Mechanics and Engineering Science) are chosen as the first-level key constructive disciplines of Henan province.  
The school is equipped with five research laboratories including National Center for International Joint Research of Micro-nano Moulding Technology, Micro-moulding Key Laboratory of Henan province, International Joint Research Laboratory of Henan Province for Micro-nano Moulding Technology, Engineering Laboratory of Henan province for the Soft Matter Extreme Manufacturing Technology and Mechanics Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Henan province. We have five innovative technology teams including the Mechanical Postdoctoral Science and Technology Innovation Team of Henan province, Innovative Technology Team of Henan province for Polymer Micro-Nano Moulding Technology and Advanced Manufacturing, Innovative Technology Team of the Universities in Henan province for Polymer Micro-Nano moulding, Innovative Technology Team of the Universities in Henan province for Fracture Mechanics and Engineering Safety and Innovative Technology Team of the Universities in Henan province for New Towns Green Building Materials and Structure. The total area of the laboratories is about 4000 square meters, and the fully equipped laboratories can provide adequate teaching and scientific research conditions for all the teachers and students. In recent years, we have completed more than 50 national or provincial key research projects, and have won a Second Class National Natural Science Award, three Second Class National Science and Technology Progress Award and nearly 20 provincial and ministerial level Scientific and Technological Progress Awards.  
Up till now, the school has nearly 1000 undergraduates and 100 master's/doctoral students. The graduate employment rate reaches 97% and the post-graduate enrollment rate amounts to 35%.  
Standing at a new starting point, we are now facing new development opportunities and challenges. With the attic faith to surmount any difficulties, all teaching staff and students of the school are moving towards a better tomorrow with steady and firm steps!  
(Last updated: October 20 2017)  



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